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Cherry Delight

     “Cherry Delight is the kind of book we would all write about our families, if we had the skill, wit and ability to do ancestral research possessed by Robert Cherry. His deft touch makes this story moving, funny and informative in a way one seldom sees in a memoir or family history.

     “It’s the story not only of his parents, Joe and Mary Cherry, and of their ancestors, but of the city of Philadelphia in a time of change and tumult in American history. Much of the charm of the book lies in the entries from a diary kept by Joe Cherry when he was a young man—a gifted athlete and thoughtful youth who, when somewhat older, willingly went off to serve his country in World War II.

     “If a strong family is indeed the heart of a strong society, this book could serve as a blueprint for building such a family.

     “Come meet Joe and his beloved Mary—a Cherry Delight.”

—Charles Kelly, author of Gunshots in Another Room:
The Forgotten Life of Dan J. Marlowe


Copyright © 2017 Robert Cherry

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